JANECO company with its registered office in Krzeszyce is a part of an international
corporation. Our fortune cookies make the consumers throughout Europe happy since 1988.
In terms of quality we do not accept any compromises. From the very beginning this 
uncompromising attitude constituted a priority as regards the philosophy and 
actions of our company. Therefore, today we can offer the product of the
highest quality. We want for our name to be associated by the
customers with safe and healthy food with
excellent flavor and nutritional character,
therefore, in manufacturing and sales activities
we are guided by the motto that enables the
identification our product as:

J – unique (in Polish „jedyne w swoim

A - appetizing

N - never lets down

E - esthetic

C - captivating

O - original.

We have achieved the highest quality and the satisfaction of our customers by:
- compliance with the requirements of food regulations and the established requirements and
expectations in terms of food security,

- the maintenance and continuous improvement
of HACCP system functioning,

- planned, systematic microbiological tests of
raw materials and finished products,

- monitoring the processes which determine the
quality and safety of the product,

- ensuring appropriate parameters of raw
materials and auxiliary materials,

- systematic and planned training provided for
all employees in the field of applied quality
management systems,

- meeting the requirements of environmental

Our system has been built based on the requirements of ISO 22000. On behalf of all 
employees I declare that the quality policy is communicated, implemented
and maintained at all levels of the organization
and is supported by measurable objectives.